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Vivid Japan is a portal site that provides information on national parks and online reservation services for sightseeing experiences for visitors to Japan. The word "Vivid" means "bright" or "vivid" and is used to describe an impressive experience or memory. Vivid Japan will introduce cultural experiences that stimulate the curiosity of visitors to Japan by allowing them to experience environmental culture and beautiful landscapes where nature and people coexist in harmony, and to experience traditional arts, festivals, food culture, music culture, and more. We hope you will experience the charm of Japan through various experiences in the field of Japan's treasured national parks at Vivid Japan!

What are National Parks in Japan?

Japan's national parks are special areas designed to protect and preserve beautiful natural landscapes and rich ecosystems, and to combine tourism with environmental protection. There are 34 national parks in Japan, each with its own unique landscape and natural treasures. The beautiful scenery of each season is created by mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, hot springs, and other natural blessings. In national parks, visitors can enjoy nature experiences such as trekking, hiking, fishing, camping, and bird and wildlife watching. Japan's national parks offer visitors breathtaking scenery and relaxing, peaceful moments. In addition, Japan's national park areas are home to people who live surrounded by beautiful nature. These areas are dotted with traditional farming and fishing villages with their own local cultures and lifestyles. They have built sustainable lifestyles that are run in harmony with nature. And, traditional industries that utilize natural resources have taken root in the rural villages, fishing villages, and mountainous areas. In areas with a thriving tourism industry, local economies exist that utilize local culture, local cuisine, and traditional crafts. Cooperation and understanding with local residents play an important role in promoting sustainable tourism development. In national parks, it is important to respect and coexist with the lifestyles and cultures of local people who live with the rich natural environment. When tourists visit, they are encouraged to enjoy a special experience through deeper understanding and appreciation of the local environment and culture while interacting with the local people.

Travel × Japanese Culture

For visitors to Japan, "travel" itself is an encounter with the rich culture of Japan. Japan is a country where tradition and modernity coexist, offering visitors a fascinating experience. Japanese culture has been handed down from generation to generation and has its own unique values and aesthetics, including tea ceremony, martial arts, architecture, kimono, and Japanese food. There are also many traditional festivals and events that give the country a mysterious aspect. On the other hand, the country is also marked by advanced technology and modern culture. Shopping in the downtown area, subcultures such as anime and manga, and experiencing the latest technology are all part of the travel experience. The beautiful natural scenery is also not to be missed on a trip to Japan. Whether it is spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, fall when the leaves turn beautiful red, or winter when the snowy landscape is magical, the scenery of each of the four seasons will leave a lasting impression on your mind. Furthermore, interacting with the local people will be a valuable experience. The warm hospitality and thoughtfulness of the Japanese people will leave you with heartwarming memories. A trip to Japan is to open the door to a fascinating world where tradition and innovation intersect. By experiencing Japanese culture and accumulating heart-rending experiences, you will be able to enjoy an enriching trip.
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